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Windows Server Backup: 6 Important Things You Need To Know 2017-09-25T17:20:23+00:00

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Windows Server Backup: 6 Important Things You Need To Know


In light of recent global cyber attacks, businesses have begun concerning themselves with windows data protection, more so than before. The headlines from all over the internet about WannaCry have started a panic concerning the risks of unprotected data. Unfortunately, many companies have not been protecting critical information from malicious software and data breaches. Denial of service attacks and other natural or human-made disasters will cause mistrust between companies and clients, so we suggest getting data protection in the form of a server backup.

A windows data breach significantly impacts a business’s day-to-day revenue flow and reputation, which causes a domino effect of consequences. Any loss of server data, either temporarily or permanently, leads to significant fines for companies that operate in highly regulated industries. And we all know employees and clients don’t always understand the importance of staying up to date with their protection plans, but that’s why you need an expert. Data protection for windows servers has been exceedingly popular and successful among the biggest corporations and businesses because it can be trusted, and it’s reliable.

As vulnerable businesses explore options to safeguard their organizations, most quickly discover that they simply don’t have the in-house expertise, technology, or time required to build and manage a disaster recovery strategy.  Therefore, when faced with the arduous task of creating a recovery strategy for lost data, a business will often turn to their trusted managed services provider (MSP) for help protecting their windows server data and mitigating potential revenue loss.

Windows server data protection services can sometimes seem like an extension or an add-on. For many people unfamiliar with technological software and website building, making a stronghold against information breaches is an afterthought because the ease and flow of digital information are seemingly safe within the confines of their devices. However, the frequency with which these cyber attacks have occurred should be motive enough to push individuals and business to build safeguards before the disaster strikes. If you’re still not convinced to back up your server with protection hardware, below are six more extraordinary benefits:

  • Agnostic Operating System

The best part about new technology is that it has become more user friendly. Speaking to a computer is not as complex or alien as it used to be. However, there are still struggles to getting a new device; learning a new operating system every time we get a new computer can be tedious. Though, for the most part, this won’t change, their are ways to smooth out the transitions from old devices to new ones. By getting a sophisticated windows system backup you ensure that your hardware is consistent with the rest of the office, as well as being installed correctly. This sure fire method, perfected by Storage Guardian over the last two decades, is not tied to an operating system, allowing you to restore any Windows OS. Agnostic systems also shorten the time it takes to get back to work by easily restoring data.

  • Boost your company’s revenue

Building a long-term relationship with your customer is important in today’s Tech driven market. Not only do long-term managed server data protection contracts provide you with a predictable and stable recurring revenue stream, but they also promote you as your customer’s trusted disaster recovery expert. This trust allows you to offer additional services with increased revenue potential. One of those value-added options is the cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). When your server data protection software includes built-in analytics that can pinpoint an individual customer’s Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), you will have the knowledge required to satisfy that customer with a premium DRaaS solution that will enable their business to return to operations in minutes instead of days.

Storage Guardian outlines this sophisticated process in the video below.

  • Help retain current customers

Businesses today are looking to increase efficiency by cultivating relationships and partnerships within the same companies, instead of dealing with multiple Information Technology (IT) vendors. The more sophisticated services you can offer, including critically managed server data protection services, the more you increase the chance of maintaining a partnership with your customer. Therefore, giving your clients the windows server data protection before they have a cyber attack showcases your credibility as a business which aims to protect, rather than merely increase revenue. After all, server data protection is like insurance; it should be offered in case of an accident and not in the aftermath of one.

  • Protect your reputation

Chances are, if a windows server data loss occurs, you will become a scapegoat for the company. Regardless of actual fault, a company will often blame the innocent because the cyber attacker is untraceable. In such a case, proactively educating your customers about the risks they face and proactively offering server data protection services helps shield your organization from any insinuation of culpability should disaster strike. When using logic and emotions to sway your clients to buy your services fails you, a credible argument will always make headway. In the case of windows server data protection services, being a reliable resource for information is necessary to advise your customers about the actual frequency and consequences of electronic server data breaches. Building your reputation, and your business’s credibility as a trustworthy association will also build your client’s credibility, boosting the entire partnership for future collaboration.

Check out these testimonials from Some of Storage Guardian’s clients!

  • Easy deployment and management

Deploying a cloud-based windows server data protection solution onto your customer’s network is straightforward and quickly accomplished when you choose a vendor that integrates seamlessly with your RMM and PSA software.  Having a better vendor system makes it all around easier and more sensible during any installation process. In the case that you go through one vendor, everything you need is designated in the same place. This smooth process provides a one-time install process which removes the antiquated system of hardware packages that used to litter software setups. Storage Guardian takes this approach, permitting the electronic interchange of server data to simplify the day-to-day management of your customers’ windows server data and accounts, increase technician efficiency and increases billing accuracy.  

  • Server Updates  

Regardless of what any company tells you, every couple of years the technology you use becomes outdated. If you want your company to stay on top of the market, you’ll want updates annually, server backs ups constantly, and the best hardware around. Having a system which runs through one vendor, with a backup, will allow you to easily restore data the second your new software updates are ready. Fear of losing old data should not stop a company from growing. We’ve all been in a situation where a factory reset, or system state reset seems easier than new software, or a clean up. But this kind of backwards thinking isn’t proactive. Server backups are tremendously important, and if they go wrong, it can cause data breaches, and software malfunctions. Therefore it’s always better to use a data backup service, like Storage Guardian.

In summary, With North America’s cyber security market expected to surpass $67,142 million by the end of 2025 according to Persistence Market Research, now is the time to add windows server data security services to your set of offerings and take advantage of the growing demand from businesses of all sizes. And remember: If you cannot provide your customers with a solution that will protect their critical business server data and give them peace of mind, other MSPs are waiting just around the corner to happily step in and take your place. MSPs have little excuse for leaving this kind of potential revenue on the table.


Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash

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