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Storage Life Cycle in the Hybrid Cloud 2022-12-05T01:32:59+00:00

Project Description

Storage Life Cycle in the Hybrid Cloud

Drive down the total cost of ownership with our outsider protection for your archival need. 


Backing up your data is almost the standard in today’s working environment. It adds security, immutability, and integrity to your workflow and in certain industries, it’s a hard requirement. Many industries require data to be stored for a certain period; even if there are no compliance policies, companies would opt to keep their data for archival purposes.

However, no not all data should be treated equally. Fresh data and backup often require high-availability storage. This makes sense. Fresh backups are your first line of defense, in case of any attack/ransom, it’s how you’d restore your data.  High availability assures that your data is available to you quickly and securely. While is useful, the cost of high-availability storage might not be suitable in every situation.

For example, if you need to keep your files for a 7-year cycle (due to compliances), it doesn’t make sense for you to store them in high availability. In these cases, you might want to use local storage because the cost of storing it on the cloud is too much. But local storage has its downside. There could be a failure or breach that leads to the loss of data. Local storage just doesn’t have as much security and immutability as the cloud.

Instead, these data can be better suited for low-cost dense storage methods that can drive down your total cost of ownership. For as low as $10 per TB, your archived data can live on the cloud and have the benefit of added security without the worry of infrastructure.

Storage Guardian’s outsider protection delivers dense storage options to our clients so they can archive their data at a lower cost according to their schedule. The storage option is integrated right into our portal and provides the same security and immutability at a lower cost.

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