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Storage Guardian + Veeam: A Winning Cloud Backup Combination 2018-02-22T16:58:35+00:00

Project Description

Storage Guardian + Veeam: A Winning Cloud Backup Combination

Veeam has done a great job catering to the needs of small and medium sized businesses who need an affordable data backup and recovery solution. Because Veeam focuses primarily on local data backup, the company encourages its customers to use other providers to copy the data to the cloud for additional protection. If you already use Veeam for local backup, here’s why it makes sense to extend your data protection to the cloud using Storage Guardian.

3-2-1-0 Rule

Why Veeam? One of their recommendations is storing three copies of your all your data, on two different types of media, and keeping one copy of the data off-site (they also recommend aiming for zero recoverability errors). As an official Veeam Cloud Connect partner, Storage Guardian is ideally positioned to be the “1” in Veeam’s 3-2-1-0 recommendation.

In general, it’s good practice to use different vendors for local and remote backup. Using Storage Guardian to provide a secondary backup of your data to an off-site location lowers the risk of data loss if something happens to your local Veeam backup repository.

Easy to resell

If you’re an MSP, it’s probably easy for you to sell Veeam: They have a well-known brand and their products are geared for resellers. Storage Guardian’s cloud services complement Veeam – but unlike Veeam which charges a per-seat license cost, Storage Guardian charges a single price for the total volume of backed-up data. This simple license model makes it easy for MSPs who resell Veeam to add Storage Guardian for the off-site component.

Autonomic healing

The technology that powers Storage Guardian performs “autonomic self-healing,” which monitors the backup data on an ongoing basis to ensure that the data being stored in the cloud is identical to the data stored on the local network. It also simulates data recoveries without actually writing the restored data, which further verifies data integrity. In this way, adding Storage Guardian to a Veeam-based solution adds an additional layer of data reliability and protection

LAN Discovery Tool

If you’re like most companies, you probably have many different kinds of data on your network, and these are likely growing at different speeds and have different levels of backup priority and retention requirements. Storage Guardian’s built-in LAN Discovery Tool scans your local network and provides actionable information that can help you plan an effective data protection strategy and reduce backup costs, even if you use Veeam for local backup. You can then re-use this tool to monitor data growth and optimize the backup sets on an ongoing basis. If you’re a reseller, the tool can also enable you to generate informed and intelligent sales quotes more easily.

Great reporting, analytics and API

Storage Guardian’s product is very mature and provides deep insights into your data usage and storage patterns, and/or those of your customers. The reports that it provides can help inform your data protection strategy and enable you to keep your backup sets optimized at all times. In addition, Storage Guardian’s API can enable you to improve your workflow when it comes to software deployment, monitoring, billing and other areas.


If you’re an IT services provider or need to report to stakeholders in a business, it’s good to have premium solutions on hand at all times. Pairing Storage Guardian with Veeam enables you to create a comprehensive data protection strategy that’s very well-suited to your needs.