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Everything you need to know about cloud backup reseller programs 2017-10-09T18:45:03+00:00

Project Description

Everything you need to know about cloud backup reseller programs

If you are Managed Service Provider (MSP), you may be wondering where to take your business after offering online backup solutions. As online backup solution providers, you already have a developed client base who need Cloud based storage. This makes becoming a  Cloud storage reseller a great way to boost monthly revenue, while still offering server backup solutions to all your customers.

Why venture out?

As we mature as a backup disaster recovery industry, overtime, we really want to look at other service oriented industries and how they’re able to scale out and automate as the process of backup.

We reflected on other small businesses, and their process to becoming giant corporations. Take for example, McDonald’s story about Ray Crawford. The man learned from other people and industries to finally implement one of the most successful actions into a plan for his own business. He learned about automation, and how to scale out his business. Business Development Resources (BDR) industries can learn from others before them to leverage technology.

Using technology familiar to your existing customers helps to a scale your client base and work with already trusted clients and employees. Also, this leveraging will help ease into a new business venture. With the Crawford example, whether it’s ordering a McDouble at the drive through, or compiling orders from the restaurant, he is utilizing interactive voice responses, the automated flow of what the customer wants, how they want it, and creating a package to give it to them in. This is the same as orchestrating a disaster recovery as a self service. Give customers what they want; but if you give them too many options is going to limit what they can order; create attractive packages to sell better programs.

Today’s model of reseller programs are a validation of the data that is available. Shipping this out to the Cloud is really what we want; a way to restore customer’s data right when it is ordered. There are many other different ways that will give better margins for resellers to resell the online backup; create a story and sell it, to encourage your team’s creativity.

Ask yourself these questions before embarking on a Cloud reseller program journey:

  1. What do the analytics look like from a recovery point objective/recovery time objectives to position you as a top leader when talking about ransomware with customers?
  2. Will selling remote backup services at a low entry point, position you to get other managed service contracts?

In retrospect, cloud reselling is beneficial because of low upfront costs; no tech to buy or maintain. It gives access to partners and programs from across the country at any time and through any portal. Also, it provides your employees and yourself a new training platform that exceeds others in support systems. Between the success in growth and ease of access, cloud reselling is easy and makes a business look good.

Check out Storage Guardian’s webpage for more information on how to get your small business formatted for cloud reselling!