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Silent Night. All was quiet except for DR 2023-02-15T00:15:13+00:00

Project Description

Silent Night. All was quiet except for DR

Storage Guardians’ DR runbook tool helps you plan out your DR from soup to nuts. So that in case of disaster, you don’t need to worry. 24/7/365, we got you covered


Let’s share a story.

On Dec 24th, 2022, the night before Christmas, we got a declaration for disaster. Servers need to be spun up from the backups fitting the recovery time and point objective.

Was this unexpected? No. Because at the end of the day, ransomware and declaration know no boundaries. To be frank, it often preys on people getting blindsided and unprepared.

So, here’s the core question:

How resilient is your organization when the next disaster strikes? What is your DR readiness?

If you are having any doubts about your answer, you should give us a call.

Storage Guardian has been in this business for over 2 decades. We understand DR readiness and the amount of work that goes into the process to ensure declaration and spin-up can be seamless. Just because your backup is always on, it doesn’t mean much if it is not tested and monitored. That’s why we created our customizable DR portal and runbook.

Within our portal, you will be taken through a step-by-step process that accounts for responsibility, stakeholder, and technical details for a successful declaration. Our process utilizes familiar technology so declaration can be made without the technical complexity. All stakeholders are accounted for and will be notified. All servers are monitored by our service board and will adhere to the recovery point and time objective. Recovery drills are done at least once a year to validate processes, compliance, and spin-up.

And this is exactly what our client did. They followed their runbook and the procedure; and because they did their due diligence, planning, and the DR drills beforehand, they were ready. So as quickly as the declaration was made; the incident was acknowledged, all stakeholders were notified and their system is up and running.

Under the hood – how Storage Guardian makes DR declaration and monitoring simple

  1. Set up your DR process and assign all stakeholders. You will also be creating your PIN so you can declare your DR with ease
  2. We monitor your service board, and when a declaration is received by our team. We will create the ticket, send out the notification to all the stakeholders, and start the failover
  3. We will continue to monitor the status and communicate with the stakeholders until the ticket is resolve


Disaster can strike at any time, what is important is whether if you’ll be ready when it does. Having a well-planned DR strategy with service boards, monitoring, and drilling is critical to the brand and your business. Bad actors are counting on you to be blind-sighted. Don’t let them ruin your holiday spirit. Say yes to planning ahead. Let Storage Guardian help you plan a rock-solid DR.

For Conectwise users, our validation SKU can be found directly on the ConnectWise marketplace.

Contact us and learn more about our free DR assessment tool.