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The Booming Ransomware Business 2022-11-29T00:11:53+00:00

Project Description

The Booming Ransomware Business

Its global threat that is fueled by the pandemic. Listen to BBC’s business daily’s discussion on the rampant growth of ransomware and how its shaping the security landscape.

TORONTO – June 14, 2021

Hackers are making millions from ransomware attacks. What can be done to stop them?

Ed Butler speaks to professional ransomware negotiator Kurtis Minder, about the increasing professionalisation of the ransomware business. Kimberly Grauer, head of research at Chainalysis explains why following the bitcoin trail may be the best way of bringing ransomware gangs to justice and Vishaal Hariprasad, boss of cyber insurance company Resilience, tells us why the ransomware threat means there needs to be a stepchange in how companies view cyber security.